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The following are some general guidelines to help you determine how to place your initials for the monogram pendant


 Monogram - Non Married Woman

 Her first name initial should be on the left, followed by the initial of her last name in the middle, and finally her middle name initial on the right. For example, Sarah Amber Gianna would be monogrammed as:



Monogram - Married Woman (Traditional Style)

The correct initials for married women to use are those which represent her first name initial on the left, followed by her married last name initial in the middle, and finally her maiden name initial on the right. 

Nina Spooner Johnson's (Spooner being her maiden) monogram would be as follows:



   *Alternative Options for Married or Engaged Women Include:

     Monogram - Couples Monogram

     The letter on the left of the Monogram should be the initial of the bride's first name, the letter on the right should be the initial of the groom's first name and the middle initial should be the initial of the couple's last name. For example Christina and Matt Arvotti would be:



Monogram - Males Initials

For men's monogrammed jewelry, a very straight forward approach is usually used. The first name initial is on the left, the middle initial in the middle and the last name initial to the right. For example, Michael David Holland would be:


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