Yes, the great things you can do with your basic kitchen appliances.

Brewery tours are a great opportunity to learn about the art of brewing. But there can be confusion involved with the brewing process. Brewing can sound like a return to high school chemistry—with some alchemy thrown in. Here’s a great article from Bill Drew of Craggie Brewing, Co. showing that the process of brewing coffee is very similar to brewing beer. Check it out for the process and the recipe!

Craft beer is after all a very personalized experience. Whether you’re that beer snob who knows everything there’s to know about craft or you’re that guy who just got fascinated by the art and wants to know more. There is a ton of knowledge out there for anyone who decides to start brewing their own batch of a personalized flavor and a unique taste. It’s great to have a gift of such talent to make a successful craft beer maker. And you can boast to your friends about all that you learn in the process.

What’s even better is that you can serve up your personalized brew in these unique and personalized growlers, pilsners, beer mugs, pint glasses and taster flights. (Available here) These items can be a perfect addition your personal craft beer brewery whether you decide to do it for profit or just for fun. Crafting good beer is a difficult process and it might be a good idea to use all the knowledge and tips you can get. Check out this article that gives extensive detail about craft beer and all the basics you need to know.